Hello World!

The typical first program anyone writes in any language is also the perfect prelude to my entrance into the blog arena. I'd like to introduce myself as a creative, yet corny joke cracking member of the software development industry with an eye towards the latest geeky programming "in" thing. I'm starting a blog here primarily to storyboard my experiences with some of the latest programming technologies in the realm of Java. My motivation is to share what I learn through my experiences with you, my wonderful audience (which initially consists of two viewers, myself and my beautiful wife). Please enjoy your visit here and return for some interesting stories about boring machine instructions and other nerdy tech stuff. My hope is that you will get some insight on what you can do with your own computing hardware. Maybe you'll see something of interest and do some experimenting on your own. If I'm lucky I'll see your feedback in the comment section and have the opportunity to talk with you there.

About Me:

I am the lucky husband of one spectacular woman (my sweetheart) and a father of two adorable little daughters. These three girls mean the world to me and are the motivating force behind my work. Speaking of work, what the heck is it that I do anyway? Well if you haven't guessed from the theme so far, I'm one of those people that annoy you to death with technical terms and jargon that only I can comprehend. You know the kind that sits back and smiles because they see that you are completely lost in the context of the discussion, which has taken such a tangent that you no longer remember or even care what was being discussed and by the way I know this guy who really gets going on irrelevant stuff and you never know where he is going with the topic as his sentences just run on and on and where were we now? Oh yeah, I remember! I was telling you what I do for a living. In short I'm a programmer. Since the young age of about 6 or seven I was playing with computer programming and I finally got good enough to try to earn a humble living from it. With that, I'll close my babbling mouth now since I feel like I've lost about 50% of my viewers. (My wife has no doubt stopped reading at this point and decided I am completely crazy and need to re word the entire last couple of paragraphs.)

What you'll find here:

I wish to include articles about programming initially and eventually move into other things that interest me as I find time. I'll start with the new stuff I've been experimenting with, which is the real reason this place exists anyway. (For those interested I've been playing with the new Groovy programming language and the Maven2 build system.) You'll also see articles regarding other programming languages (I know a bunch of them), best programming practices as I learn and share them, and other cool techie stuff. (You can expect to see little anectdotes like this frequently embedded in paragraphs as I tend type as I think and proofreading will be kept to a minimal since my time is limited.)

I'll close with a program that expresses my current feelings:

10 Print "Hello World!"

20 Print "Will you stick around for more?"

30 Input $response

40 If $response = "Yes" Then

50 Print "Leave a comment so I can get to know you."

60 Else

70 Print "It's all good. Thanx for reading!"

80 EndIF

5 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Very interesting. Hmm… very, very interesting. I look forward to learning more from this site, it’s very helpful. What a wonderful brainstorm! Love the pics.

  2. Hey Reese! Thanx for dropping a line! I don’t expect the site to be useful to family and friends just yet because most of the topics are very egg-headed. I still plan on putting together some lighter-reading for general computing and beginner programmers.

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