My kingdom for an IDE

I have an IDE. I have two actually. I just have trouble settling. I can’t stomach using Idea any longer because

  • I’m using a dated version, 4.5.4
  • I don’t have the ends (for what it’s worth, ends.convertFromSlang().equals(“money”) in case you got lost.) for the latest version.

I can’t settle in Eclipse either because

  • I’m too accustomed to Idea key mappings
  • I’m too far removed from the Eclipse way of doing things
  • I’ve had some trouble getting certain plugins working correctly

I dare say that I am considering Netbeans. It scare me because I used to use Forte many moons ago and it was far inferior to Eclipse at the time. The Netbeans architecture has come a long way though but can it compare to what’s available? I dunno, but what I’m looking for in an IDE today is

  • An excellent Java editor
  • Perfect refactoring support
  • Support for intentional programmin through quick fixes code assistants or whatever
  • First class XML support
  • An XSL editor/debugger?
  • Good support for the popular scripting languages like Groovy and Beanshell
  • *Very important – tight integration with build tools like Ant and Maven2.

(Oh and tell Santa I want a pony too!) That conclused my wish list. I don’t ask for much, just the stars the moon and the Sun. Ever hear of an editor with all of those features? Drop some science on me and I’ll holla…

(The act of dropping science is equivalent to sharing information which enlightens or informs one of facts that were not previously known. The Java equivalent would be something like: this.weblog.getComments().post(reader.sharedInformation()) At any rate your comments are greatly appreciated and contribute to the overall learnedness of the autor. You are encourage d to express any ideas or thoughts that have been inspired by the preceding entry. Thank you.)

2 thoughts on “My kingdom for an IDE

  1. My experience is that people on my team who use Netbeans get frustrated by the Maven integration (frequently blamed on Maven, of course!). The Netbeans module: is, on the one hand, fancier integration than running mvn eclipse:eclipse is for Eclipse, but it’s far more complicated, and therefore there are more problems with it. I do think it’s farther along than the Eclipse GUI plugin:

    I use Eclipse with the Webtools plugins: & the command-line eclipse plugin for Maven. I think this satisfies much of your list: Java Editor, Refactoring, Quick Assist, & XML Support. However, the integration with Maven is loose (I prefer this, mostly…), I haven’t tried plugins for XSL (will be soon!), Groovy, or Beanshell.

  2. Steve,

    “I use Eclipse with the Webtools plugins: & the command-line eclipse plugin for Maven”

    That actually is my preferred platform for now. However I had problems with the Maven2 plugin and just configured external cmd line tools to do the building for me. I tried the OrangeVolt XSL plugin but I’m not sure if I understand it or if it’s adding anything. I think I just need to get re-acclimated with Eclipse.

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