Who Are You Writing For?

Very good writing tips here! Writing is an art where you paint a picture with words. I favor writing that colors a picture so bright and vibirant that you can not only see it, you can touch feel and smell it. That requires a good amount of imagination to pull off but sometimes come out with just a few pointed words. Common sense prevails when writing, be it essays or computer programming code.

If you can capture multiple audiences all from different backgrounds while retaining their attention then you know you have a skill. But if you’re like me then you spit the first thing that comes to mind and call it a done deal, later on wondering why nobody’s interested in what you have to say. (Disregard that last sentence please as it puts me in an ugly light!) The most inportant advice is to consider who you’re writing for. Prose written for self gratification sound just that… self gratifying and adds no value to the reader. Unless you want to be the only consumer of your text then simply asking who you are writing for will clean up a good part of your writings. Writing for computers looks just like binary, terse and uninformative. When you don’t want to educate your reader you coose this style as it fits neatly in the widths of the registers found in most common RAM modules while fitting on hard drive platters rather nicely.

So who are you writing for? What are you writing? The first audience for your writing is almost always a human being that is wrapped in a separate coating of flesh and breathes through a different set of pipes than what you are accustomed to. This audience takes a little longer than a minute to calculate the square root of the planet’s gravitational pull on the moon multiplied by by the difference of its mass in kilograms and its volume in cubic meters. What I mean is some poor unsuspecting soul will eventually be subjected to your writing and unless you thought about that person when you first picked up your pen or switched on your PC, then they will probably live to regret it. (That is to say the aforementioned soul and its containing body will probably live for the sole purpose of regretting your work.)

So who am I writing for? Me! I am the lone exception to the prior paragraph. I’m the only person that can get away with complete greed and self gratification because what? Well, because I know you probably won’t return no matter what I write. I have no audience and no aspirations to draw any people here so I just do what I please. I also know that all of the code I write will be used for my own immediate purposes of world domination, so while you go on about your daily routines completely ignoring the ticking time-bomb that is my ever growing archive of mad blog entries, I spend my days writing completely cryptic code that gets into production because it works and silently spreads through the world’s networks like the word of mouth news that Will Smith is gay (for real? He is? I didn’t hear that one!) invading even computers with modest to mediocre hardware waiting for my ultimate command too..

See that! Even a run-on sentence can be more entertaining and gratifying than a bunch of jambled together rambling jibberish of million dollar words. I try to keep readers entertained with my stoopid dry humor in hopes to grow a larger audience, but my outlook is low. My confidence is even lower than my charm. I’m off topic here because I’m s’posed to be talking about good writing. I think you get the idea and if you’re still reading at this point then I feel sorry for you. I’d holla but you probably wouldn’t hear me though…

(Why the hell does he even use the word holla? Isn’t that played out? It’s whack! He’s supposed to be a serious computer guy and there he goes actin’ all ghetto and stuff!)

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