WinXP On Linux Part III

I downloaded VMWare server and I’m running it as I type. The how-to is by the book so far. Running the installeris a command line app that could scare some Linux newbies. No problems for me since I’ve been using Linux for some years now. It asked me a bunch of questions, most of which I took the defaults for (just hitting the enter key accepts the default displayed on screen in brackets). Some of the questions would be tough had I little knowledge of networking. Now I’m at the point where it’s asking for my serial number. I’m assuming configuration is almost complete. A quick copy of the serial from the email that the nice VMWare folks sent me and… Ha! I’m done. I guess there’s nothing left to do now but test it out and start the WinXP installer. I’ll do that then I’ll head to lunch. It’s amazing I can run stuff like this and still be productive running my Java IDE and app server and all. After starting VMWare I get a nice GUI that guides me through creating a virtual machine. I follow the how-to word for word. I allocate 8G for my max disk size to start. I’ll no doubt rebuild this once I learn how everything works. The disk allocation takes a little time, but it’s almost finished. My system gets slow and I experience slight pausing. No problem because I got a lot of stuff going on at the same time, so I expect that. It’s done. Let me boot the WinXP installer and head out to lunch.

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