WinXP On Linux

I had this cool post all written out and ready for publishing complete with my usual dry humor and references to site on the topic. What happened? Poof! I hit the save button and I got a message asking me if I “really wanted to do this”. I instictively invoked the browser back gesture in Firefox, my browser of choice, and all of my text was gone! I navigated foward frantically trying to recapture the essence of what I had typed and I got the same stoopid question again. I didn’t understand the question. Apparently my blog felt I was unsure of myself and wanted me to rethink my actions. I started to second guess myself and ask if saving and continuing with my edit session really was what I wanted to do at this point. Maybe I didn’t want to save. Maybe I was confident enough to go straight to publishing. At any rate all of my post is lost and I am left to recreate and expound on a topic that I still know so little about.

WinXP On Linux

I wanted to ramble about how cool it would be to load Windows XP on my Kubuntu Linux enabled Dell desktop. I wanted to get on my soapbox and rant about how tough it would be to install some emulation software like QEmu. Then I thought to check Synaptic for a version of QEmu. (This is the part where my earlier post was trying to be funny. I’ll try inserting jokes here but they’ll seem largely out of context since the magic I had going earlier has been lost.) For those not in “the know”, QEmu is a PC emulator used for running other operating systems on Linux, in my case Kubuntu. For those really not in “the know”, Kubuntu is a flavor of Linux. For those who don’t know that Windows XP is an operating system and not the name of their PC manufactorer, Linux is a different type of software that runs your computer and can be used instead of Windows. It comes in different flavors each suited for specific tasks like playing games and music, running a web server, washing clothes, or getting that lopsided table to stand level. Now that I’m completely off topic I’ll try to get back to what I’m supposed to be talking about.

I’m looking for an easy way to install Windows on Kubuntu Linux. I guess you can tell that much from the title right? Well I’m considering VMWare, QEmu, Xen, and any other free option that people care to suggest. So far I’ve looked into the VMWare site and gotten completely confused. I can’t tell what product I want to download. Do I want the VMWare server, the VMWare player or a VMWare appliance? I’ve ruled out the appliance as they appear to be pre-packaged solutions that you can just run out of the box, or so I believe. I don’t want to spend too much time reading docs and figuring out what the difference is between concepts like player and server. I just want something I can stick on my box and press go. I want the easy button. I should know that life in Linux is never that easy because it’s so dang configurable. Before I run on a tangent again, Let me just say that I’m lost on VMWare. I’ve read articles on Xen but have not looked too deeply into it. Then there’s QEmu. I saw an post on the Ubuntu forums on a 457 step process for using QEmu to install a host OS (I think the post was a how to on installing Windows but I don’t remember). Well, I just did a search in Synaptic to see if there was an easy button for at least installing QEmu and it looks like there is a .deb install for Ubuntu. I’m going to look at that as well as browsing the Xen website. In the meantime, if you, the reader, have any suggestions, ideas, or better advice I’d love to hear from you. Run that info in the comment section and I’ll holla, holla…

(You are not seeing double nor is the author suttering while he writes. The holla, holla is intentional and meant for additional emphasis on holla. Holla is shorthand for “I will maintain contact with you in the future”. It is the author’s method of signing off and should not be misinterpreted as a type-o. Referr to your Ebonics manual chapter 15 section 4.C for further details on why certain phrases are doubled up.)

4 thoughts on “WinXP On Linux

  1. QEMU works quite nicely for me. I have a couple of virtual machines with Windows 2000 in them – one has a bunch of apps and the other one is more of a baseline system.

  2. Thanx for the comment Marc. How is performance under QEmu? does it feel sluggish? Is there even a noticeable difference? Windows is a bloated OS to begin with and I’m looking to be as lean as possible. How easy is the install? I see the .deb package in my package manager so installing QEmu can’t be too tough. How do you install an OS on it? Is it user freindly? I think I’m leaning towards VMWare for now unless I find out that they’ll start charging. Thanx again for the input.

    1. Yeah, I’ve just been toying with VBox recently. Note the above post was written a long time ago, before I even knew what a VirtualBox was. I now use Parallels on Mac and VBox on my Mepis install.

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