Holla if you hear me…

While browsing and responding to my comments I see I’ve been titled “Cliff ‘The Holler'”. I think it’s funny, especially since I just assume I have no readers here. Of course the title comes from how I’ve been signing off each post. While I hate catch phrases, I try to keep my reading interesting because I know how boring technical stuff can be in prose. I guess I’m going to have mix it up a little more from now on to avoid being redundant and dry. I’m not trying to be popular but it would be cool if my site could attract a small community of readers. You see I got some things happening on my side of the wire that I think would be of interest to many. Over the past couple years I’ve managed to:

  • make my Linux desktop look just like Mac OSX
  • install and play with Sun’s 3D looking glass Linux front end
  • write some simple plugins for Amarok, the best media player on the planet
  • learn a little about KDE’s DCOP interface
  • Pick up Groovy and build a few example components from the site using custom Groovy Ant builders
  • author and deploy a GRails app
  • Write a plugin for Maven2
  • Setup Maven Proxy as an in office repository
  • rescue a small child from a burning building

Any one of the above accomplishments on its own isn’t worth much. (That is except for the last one, which isn’t entirely true. There was a burning building and there was a small child and I did rescue something.) Overall the effort that went into each and the knowledge that was gleamed as a result is what I want to share. Just about everything I mentioned above happened before I started my site (…even the child and burning building thing. Ok, the child and I may not have ever been in the building but its the rescue that counts right?) but I may go back and revisit what I’ve done and share some of what is possible with today’s technology. So if you like what I’ve written so far, tell a friend to tell a friend. Then tell that friend’s friend to tell they sister. (Nobody knows how to spread the word like lil-sis! Remember that time you got spanked in the morning right before school and all of your friends and teachers knew before you even got off the bus? That’s a lil-sister at work!) After a while word might get out and I’ll have more than just a handful of return readers. Remember, I’m just getting warmed up here. I got a lot of material to cover and each day I’m trying something new. Thanx for reading. Hit me wit’ the hee… hee-hee-hee-hee-haw…

(Explicit familiarity with Missy Elliot is required to decipher the above salutation. I know, it’s wack, but I’m just tryin’ to break a trend here.)

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