Is KEdit Deprecated?

Whuddup party people? Any Linux gurus out there? Check this out, I got a small problem with KEdit on my Kubuntu desktop. It seems that every time I upgrade my system KEdit goes away. I mean it just bounces from the set, dog. It’s like I be in my KDE environment one minute and everything is John Blaze, right. (Yo, I got bells an’ whistles galore! The 3D desktop swicther is in effect. Amarok’s plugged into Katapult and poppin’ up the Mary J. “Be Without You” on my key presses but I’m like, “bump dat!” I go to the Wu-Tang track and its off da’ hook right?) Then alluva sudden I’m trying to quick pull up this XML file. It’s huge so I don’t wanna spin my CPU mad trying to see it so I Alt+F2 and type “kedit+Enter” and the doggone program can’t be found. Now I’m heated ‘cuz this is like the second, third… nah, scratch that. It’s the forth or fith time that happened to me. So now I’m like wassup widdat cousin???!!!

Ahem, excuse me for the ghetto dialect. (Note to the unaware: “Ghetto” dialect is the afro-centric version of Jeff Foxworthy’s “Redneck” dialect and while it paints a more colourful side of me it is not typically indicative of my overall behaviour or personality.) You see I just came back from lunch and I was playing my old Flipmode Squad tracks on the drive back and Busta Rhymes just sparks that side of me sometimes. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! Why do I keep losing KEdit? It’s one of those tools I use on occasion to get something done quickly but boy its annoying to find it missing after an upgrade. Is it deprecated? I believe apt-get removes it when you upgrade your KDE packages for some silly reason. I had it on KDE 3.3.1 and reinstalled it after KDE 3.4 beta, KDE 3.5.0, 3.5.1 and after my switch from Breezy to Dapper. I believe the KDE development team is trying to get rid of it. Why can’t it be part of the official KDE bundle? I love Kate and KWrite but sometimes they involve too much overhead and take forever to load when I just want to quickly look at some text in a file. Thank God it only takes a few second to install. Anyway, I gotta get some work done, enough babbling. I’ll holla…

(If, by now, you are not familiar with the “holla” that is promised at the conclusion of each article then you need only to browse the history. There you will see an interesting trend. A “holla” is promised, comments are left, a frog catches a fly, and the world continues to spin.)

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