Where for art thou XSL?

Have you ever noticed how little information there is on the web regarding XSL? Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places but what’s up with the lapse of documentation on XSL? If you’re an egg head (like me) and you happen to be developing the next big thing with XSL technologies (such as my plot to take over the world with a surprise assault involving millions of angle bracketed statements launched at the pentagon) then there is only one good site that I know of, zvon.org. Other than that, your up poo’s creek sans paddle. I’m looking for something like, I dunno, an XML community of think-alike bretheren to discuss with me proper callibration my SAXon cannons (while I can’t go into detail, be advised that these cannons currently exist in beta and have the current ability to send a processing instruction flying at speeds in excess of mach-10.) but I don’t see any viable homes for such idle-minded chatter. I am in dire need of such a community for one day I shall take up an army of followers who, on my command, will clad themselves in the guise of simple text, “.doc”, xls, and/or csv files only to transform in the blink of an eye and assasinate key politicians and figures of power. The attack must be in effect somewhere in the realm of late 2008 to early 2009 when all SD signals are replaced with HDTV and I don’t have time to waste on dead end Google queries or references to outdated text manuals! If you assist me in my plight then I promise you a quick a painless beheading otherwise you will be subjected to a deadly bludgeoning with copies of Michael Kay’s XSLT 1st and 2nd edition texts. I need quality XSL documentation and a community I can rely on for answers to some of the issues I face daily. I have been to the JavaRanch saloon but I get a funny feeling ever since a member sent me a PM asking if I wanted to hang out by the “Brokeback Monitor”. Not only do I have a concern for the mount of radiation emitted from the crappy Dell M782 with the cracked casing I also worry about the intentions of the member, who appeared to want to discuss more than FO processing.

On the real, all kidding aside I have nothing against Javaranch or its members. I’m just wondering if there are any other places of interest for a young XSL wielding Jedi such as myself. If ya’ got any ideas or references, hit me off in the comment section. In the words of the late Tupac Shakur, Holla if ya’ hear me

(The author has no direct affiliation with Tupac and has not obtained rights to his music or trademarked expressions. The author also assumes no responsibility for any offense taken from reading the the above text. All articles published herein are intended to be taken lightly… it’s just jokes.)

6 thoughts on “Where for art thou XSL?

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty comfortable (though, not a pro) with XSL syntax now. It’s the Java APIs that I haven’t messed with too much. That’s where I’m getting my biggest challenge. Along with that I have all of these other technologies and concepts (Maven, TDD) that I’m mixing together to make my magic happen here. I’m still green with Maven and still picking up how to do TDD on plain Java. Now I’m using TDD on XSLT and also on TestCases themselves. I was going to write about testing my test cases but I still got a lot of other stuff lingering.

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