Wow, I’m dumb…

I linked to my last topic, “Avoid a void” from some Java forums and got some feedback that I’m still trying to interpret. The people on this one forum, who were all smart and stuff, opened a debate using words like othogonal, and referring to concepts like unidirectional and bidirectional method dependencies. I tried to follow. I really did but when I found myself plugging copied text into my online dictionary widget (it’s the little magnifying glass and text box thingy that you can sit in your taskbar on the Linux KDE desktop that tells you what smart people mean when they say stuff like “incommensurable development with pragmatic interfaces and implementations that are adscititious to the project.”) I posted a dumb response in the smartest way possible. In my stoopid reply I attempted to smartly say, “Hey, you guys sound all cool and stuff with the high level thinking and million dollar words but I don’t know what you’re saying. I was just sharing some ideas.” What came out was just as mangled and insignificant sounding as what I was replying to, only my words were garaunteed nonsense. I wanted in on the debate but I was stuck on the sideline feeling like a foriegner sent to his first NFL football game trying to find the goalie. (You know how you swear you know what you’re getting into but then people take it in a whole different direction on a whole new level?) Blew my mind they did.

Why do I even care? Why did I try to sound smarter than I really am? I guess it’s my natural compulsion to try to match the dialect of those you speak with. My best friend in highschool was Jamaican and for the longest time I walked around trying to speak with the same accent most likely sounding like a complete idiot. Then there was this time where I was watching two people speak spanish to each other. I almost jumped in with one of the only three spanish sentences I knew how to form, “Where is Maria? In the library?” Do other people experience such awkward moments or is it just me making my life much more embarrasing than it needs to be?

Back to the point. I thought I had a good idea so I posted it. While I know I’m not as dumb as I feel right now, sometimes you just can’t avoid the feeling. No disrespect intended to those who replied, I always appreciate all feedback especially when it points out my stoopidity. This is one of those times where it would have been better for me to keep my mouth shut. I’d delete my reply on the forum but that would just be a cover up. I think it’s important for people to know how much I don’t kow.

4 thoughts on “Wow, I’m dumb…

  1. Pingback, I think you’re mostly dealing with one particular poster there who has a history of obfuscated replies with marginal connection to the topic at hand. He’s sometimes capable of actually [i]communicating[/i] with his intended audience, but it’s a rarity. He also has a history of mistaking disagreement from others as evidence for his own correctness, so most of us just ignore him. Occasionally we try to elicit useful clarification from him, but it’s generally not worth the hassle, IMO.

  2. I here ya’ Jim. The guy does sound interesting though. I don’t discount him on obscurity. I checked his site and it seems he has a whole framework based on some truely unique concepts. Sometimes most of the code in projects like that exists merely for the sake of code but there’s almost always an underlying problem that is trying to be addressed. At any rate, I like to keep my eye out for things that are different. However, I won’t let myself be confused. Thanx for the feedback bro’ham!

  3. Looks like I misread the screen I was looking at, and “Pingback” isn’t your handle here. So please ignore that rather silly-looking part of my reply. I agree there are some interesting ideas floating around in the code there (perhaps expressed more clearly in code than in English), and they can provide worthwhile food for thought. I think exploring diverse approaches to problems is a good thing, at least sometimes, and I don’t wish to undermine that goal. Cheers…

  4. Jim,

    Pingback sounds better than commments(0), so I’ll take it. It threw me too because I was looking for the hyperlink to your pingback.

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