Works in progress…

I’ve not been putting anything meaningful up in a while but I assure you I’m not dead. There’s one story that both me and my wife are working on and then there’s a couple of new things I’ve been seeing on the net. While the story is silly and meaningless I can’t wait to post it because itwould be the first collaborative effort in a while between me and my more attractive half. In case you didn’t notice, I’m terrible at writing and I depend on her to keep me from making an idiot out of myself. I love working with her on writing excercises because she’s so much better at writing than I am. I have fun watching her rip my work to shreds. It’s always a bitter-sweet experience because initially it’s hard for me to accept criticism but, after going through the ringer, my work always comes out better than before. We once worked together on a technical overview of some work that I did which was being considered for a patent and it was at that point that I realized how awful I had become at writing. (“Had become” is stretching things a little because it implies that I was actually capable at some ealier time.) Anyhow, because she has only visited my site once or twice and never really read any of the content, I often wonder what she would say about some of the unorthodox writing I have here. At any rate I’m looking foward to the final piece of our little story.

Of equal importance is some of the things I’ve been dreaming about lately. Yes, I still eat sleep, and breathe XML but the new stuff I’m talking about has nothing to do with XML. I’ve been dreaming of becoming a UI designer. If you know me you would understand that my UI ability parallels my writing and journalling ability. That is probably better stated as my UI design ability is roughly equivalent to my estrogen producing ability. My primary passion is and has always been with low level design and framework architecture. I’m what you call a nuts and bolts developer. I’d love to paint the screen but, nicely stated, my two year old daughter paints better than I do. (As an aside I’ve been getting all wet in the pants over some functional and groovy programming blog entries I’ve read recently along with the topic of functional programming itself. What else would you expect from someone living in an XSLT hut for the past month?)

We all have dreams but it is people like Dr. King that take personal dreams into reality. While I’ve been dreaming about UI design for a long time I plan on doing something practical with it sometime soon. It will most likely involve Groovy and possibly open GL if I get fancy enough with it. Ok, at the risk of promising the farm with the cattle, I’ll go ahead and say it. I plan to try to write an Open GL app with Groovy and JOGL. Actually I plan on blogging in progress as I’ve been doing with my XSLT experiences. The difference here is that my development will not be tied to my company allowing full disclosure of the entire project instead of just a blow by blow of the technical challenges. In other (simpler, stoopider) words I’ll share all of the code I write instead of just the unit tests. It’ll be fun, but I can’t make any promises. (Crap! It looks like I already did!) If you are a regular to my site (one of the two or three people who come back and occasionally post comments) stay tuned because I’m going to try to take things to the next level really soon. (Did I mention that I know more about open GL than I do about open heart surgery?)

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