A bunch of stuff that happened

From the outside it looks like nothing has been happening. However, if you were to be staring from behind my near-sighted peepers you would have been privy to many interesting ideas and situations. The problem is getting the colorful world, as I experience it, etched out in hyper text (or HTML for the acronym challenged) for all to see. Here at WordPress.com I have limited tools with which to paint my daily happenings to your cornea. So I try my best and often come up short, or as in the case of lately, I come up empty. I promise you that I have ideas and aspirations for many wonderful topics and if you are a return vistor (or repeat offender) you’ll know how some of my stoopid topics can help the day pass. For first time visitors, I’m apologize because thing aren’t normally as dry as they have been recently. Let me explain…

Where are you coming from?
I wanted to post about my experiences with using Open GL from groovy but I can’t get around a dumb bug in some unrelated report processor that I’ve been wrestling with. Don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of cool new ideas? So far I’ve managed to learn how to do some simple rendering in Open GL using JOGL. That is to say in theory the knowledge I’ve accumulated should work. I’ve found a quick and dirty tutorial on JOGL and attempted to code it out with Groovy with no success. To be fair I spent all of 15 minutes on my experimentation. I wanted to spend more time, so much more time but my time has been limited lately. Where is all of my time disappearing to? The black hole of daily maintainance grunt work is responsible. Anytime you think you have a handle on all of your application bugs and subtle issues another one jumps out and grabs three or four hours from you. So here I am, stuck in the middle of a major framework project, making patches to the ugly-code that I wrote only months earlier, learning from the mistakes of my ugly code, and desparately trying to practice prestine development practices from here on. It has been a rough couple of weeks.

What’s up with Open GL?
I wish I had something real cool to say on the topic of Open GL other than I’ve touched recently and it didn’t work for me. I wish I knew more about the technology. If I get my way I will post something useful in a day or two. Right now there’s not much to talk about other than I’ve seen some eye popping examples on the JOGL web site.

What else is going on?
My site sux. It sucks big watermelons. I have not posted anything worth reading in about two weeks. My last couple of entries were of the “Hey look how cool I plan to be” variety and I plan to change that real soon. I had a corny story I was going to post that had nothing to do with anything and I gave it to my wife to review. She pointed out how utterly stoopid the post was and pointed me a better topic. I thought about her idea and it’s off the hook. I have to take my time to do the idea justice. I’ll put together something soon enough and have her tear it to shreds. Hopefully it will add more depth to the site even though the content doesn’t fit the theme here. Regarding my new Grammar, I’ve been having a lot of fun putting it together and it’s pretty much in usable form now. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my new syntax compilable. Compiling would involve very little work as it’s based on XML and generates XSLT which is compilable. I’m amazed at how easy it is to create a custom XML formatting grammar and turn it into Java byte code.

I was inspired to write a funny post about exception handling a few days ago after reading a question on the Java Ranch. The post starts out pretty clever but as it goes on it becomes long winded and boring. I want to clean it up and post it but the premise on which it is based becomes so lost in the actual topic that I feel it is more confusing and more of an embarrasment than anything else. It has just been very tough to come up with good material for blogging and I feel like I am doing the site a dis-service. Hang around because things will pick up soon. Keep it real yall, and watch me on the comeback…

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