Why you shouldn’t avoid a void

What’s really good people? My apologies for not continuing the GroovyInvaders series in a long time. I will pick up on that tomorrow or the next day. I’m getting clowned by my own efforts of refactoring our company project to use Spring dependancy injection. Today I had a hell of a time getting certain BeansFactories to share configs. (A factory for a JMS bean and a factory for a WAR to be specific.) While I think I fixed that problem I got bitten by my own arrogance trying to avoid a void. Because I like to define my beans with all of their setters being self returning Spring decided to ignore all of my flavorful setter methods and throw PropertyNotFound exceptions. I suppose there’s a real valid reason for doing so either that or the self returning idiom isn’t as wide spread as it should be. Whatever the case it looks like I’ll have to make my interface dumber to appease Spring. I’m not happy!

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