10 Warnings Javac should have

1. Warning: Use of @Deprected on a method will encourage its use and abuse by other developers. Consider throwing a RuntimeException instead.

2. Warning: Do you really want to read your entire database model into an XML document?

3. Warning: Your code is too clever for javac to translate. Consider refactoring.

4. Warning: Your ORM layer should not be used to model database tables.

5. Warning: You’ve been warned about using ORM to model tabels. Your IDE has now been uninstalled and your user license revoked.

6. Wanring: Sexual references should not be used in Exception contructors.

7. Warning: It appears you are writing a framework. Your browser is now being directed to apache.org.

8. Warning: You unit test should not “know” how to instantiate your middle tier, write to your database, draw your UI and start your vehicle. Consider refactoring.

9. Warning: The compiler has scanned over 700,000 lines of code and could not find a single interface. Your resume should be updated.

10. Warning: Too many design patterns found in the current statement.

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