What’s Up??

Yo, I’ve been out of it lately. Completely out of it. I haven’t made any additional progress on GroovyInvaders, my blog hit counter is starting to look like the spedometer on an 83′ Yugo travelling uphill with a car load of heavyweights, and my most recent postings have consisted of typical internet ha-has with little relevant content. I gotta get back on the ball. To recap my recent activities, most of my time has been overwhelmed by a nasty project involving a series of pricing reports where there is no usable pricing logic. I have made an appearance on Experts-Exchange under the nick, “DizzyDiz”. (In case you’re wondering, Dizzy is an alias I was given many years ago by friends as it best described by seemingly “always-intoxicated” personality in the absence of alchol and/or narcotics.) I’ve spent a little time racking up a few expert points by giving confusing overly verbose advice to those in need. (You’re welcome all of those in need.) And now I’m back doing what I do best, XML/XSLT/XSL-FO.

Why is this blog so whack?
It’s kinda hard to be interesting when there’s poop in your toilet and no water in your pipes. What I’m talking about is some recent (embarassing) household emergencies that left me with a sour taste in my mouth (and a sour smell in my bathroom) regarding professionals who are supposed to assist those in need. Without going into detail I’ll say this much. Companies that offer potentially critical services such as heat/energy, health-care, or plumbing should frequently take a moral check. It’s very easy for these types of service providers to take advantage of those in need. I fell victim about two or three times these past few years with my most recent victimizing occurring about two weeks ago. I won’t mention any names of the guilty, like Lancaster Plumbing. I won’t post any links to such companies either as that would be incriminating. Words of wisdom, “man with poopy toilet make much wiser choice when company ad say BBB!” Or in non-confucious-tongue, always make sure any company you choose on the fly is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. Along with trying to put poop in its proper place I’ve been battling some health issues that frequently put me out of commission for hours at a time.

So, what’s really good?
While I often sound like a blues-singing whiney baby with the “aww my toilet won’t flush” and the “why can’t I stuff my “John-Blaze” cool-as-heck TDD code into our rigid heavily integrated table oriented project” I assure you that is not my persona. (At least it’s not the image I want to project.) There’s a lot of good going on. I figured out how to compile Groovy with Maven. I even got a good start at creating my first XSLT compiler plugin for M2. Recent refactorings made in our project have given me a new outlook on some interesting possiblities and I’ve succesfully fired my first angle-bracket war head simultaneously with Korea’s initial nuclear testing. While GroovyInvaders is stalled I can at least get the graphics drawn on the screen with some (glitchy) animation. I should have more time to finish it off now that most of my emergencies have subsided. Sometimes it takes someone else to show you that life is good. Hit me up in the “C” section…

(The author has never experienced a breached birth nor is he of the female gender. It is not suggested that assault anyone who has lived through such trauma, rather the above salutation is intended to solicit comments from you the reader. The “C” section referenced above indicates the “comment” section of the page you are currently viewing. Also references to angle-bracket warheads and North Korea are intended as comedy and are not to be taken seriously. While it is widely regarded as impossible to construct a weapon out of an armor piercing XML comment the secrets of my weapons of mass destruction will remain, well… sercret.)

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