Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Hello, I’m Cliff and you’re here by mistake. Occasionally I’m lucky enough to get random visitors stumbling across my site from various search engine terms and happen to be one of them.
I’m sorry I can’t give an accurate answer to your Google/AOL/Yahoo query but here I will attempt to adress some recent queries. See below for the responses that fit the queries from the past two days.

groovy extends constructor?
Not exactly. However, Groovy will extend ones ability to express quick and powerful programming logic. Here’s a couple of random examples to illustrate Groovy’s power.
Calculating Time using operator overloading
5.days + 6.hours

Using JACOB on Windows to convert a Word doc to HTML

import org.codehaus.groovy.scriptom.ActiveXProxy
import java.io.File

def word = new ActiveXProxy("Word.Application")

word.Documents.Open(new File(args[0]).canonicalPath)
word.ActiveDocument.SaveAs(new File(args[0] - ".doc" + ".html").canonicalPath, 8)

Using command line scripting with Groovy scripting

groovy -e "println 'Hello ' + args[0]" World

source o matic ubuntu?
A life saving application for those who tinker with system files until they break just because they want the little penguin on the OSX like bar to sing and dance when you click to get into your system settings.

make-dpkg: not found?
Because you’re looking for make-jpkg! Someone put a bad example up on the Mepis forums long ago which has since confused many people. These people have downloaded the Sun JDK bundle and would very much like to install it the Ubuntu/Debian way using something like Synaptic or apt-get. They are frustrated because rather than distribute a .deb file Sun has played a nasty little trick on them and given them a bin executable. So they go searching around (occasionally landing here) and find some guy talking about a silver bullet that can turn bin files into .deb files. They get so excited that they never read the rest of the topic where some other member correctly explains that you need to install the make-jpkg command to create your precious .deb file.

groovy speed?
Not widely known for its speed, Groovy is a good choice for programming expressiveness. The problem here is if you’re looking for processing speed then you want to avoid scripting languages all together. Use a compiled language like C or Java.

jogl tutorial javax.media.opengl?
The search engine query that gave birth to my “still-incomplete” GroovyInvaders project, this query has begun a quest that I’m not sure I’ll complete anytime soon. (The openGL stuff not GroovyInvaders!) OpenGL is a complicated topic that I have yet to be familiar with. I can juggle a full-time job, fatherhood, and a part time hobby but I cannot “jogl tutorial javax.media.opengl”. Maybe after I get my photon beam to fire from my starship I’ll be able to get a grasp on it, but until then…

install kubuntu java jdk 1.5.0_08
See above where I explain the misconception about make-dpkg.

I hope I’ve answered the question of at least one person fumbling through the web. That’s all for now, I’ll holla…

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