If I did it here’s how it happened…

You’ve got to be kidding me! The apocolypse must be coming when stories like this hit the press. We live in an age where one can allegedly commit a murder, be aquitted because certain garments don’t fit, and release a book that hypothetically discusses said alledged crime where tight garments were adorned. The book will probably be a best seller, not because the author is particularly skilled at writing but due to the sheer audacity of the content. It doesn’t even matter what’s on the pages. Now that’s off the chains! The interview will likely get more ratings than an average superbowl airing. And that’s not because the public wants to hear what will be said, but because we all want to see if both Judith Regan and O.J. can keep a straight face for the duration. There you have it, an instant best seller where the actual text could be anything from recipes for chicken gumbo soup to detailed descriptions of various bowel movements or a collection of both along with a potential number one rated interview where the speakers could just as well be lip synching to Biggie Smalls’ “Gimme One More Chance”. It doesn’t get much better than that, holla at me people…

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