File object is evil!

What’s up party people? I’d like to drop a little know on my small crowd of readers. Most (if not all) of you probably already know but watch out for the File API. My buddy across the wall just pinged me with an IM saying something about funny file manipulation logic. My response went something like “I hate file manipulation logic!” Then he was all like, “you sank my battleship man! I was saying I hate it just that it’s funny. I think it’s cool…” (I’m paraphrasing here…) Then I was like, “Cool for penguins maybe. The File API has always crippled my designs, especially when the logic around it is clever.” Long story short, he saw something that he liked and thought was clever. I shot it down without even seeing it because it contained the words File, funny, and logic in the same sentence. Was I wrong for doing so? Maybe. Probably, most likely. (I have a bad habit of cutting people off without hearing them in entirety and that comes across as arrogance even though I’m always right for doing so 😉 I shouldn’t be so arrogant about it.) However I’m scorn from reaching for that danged File API in one too many unnecessary cases and to me it has been forever marked as evil. Readers, Writers, and streams are ok in my book. I’d even go as far as to consider the URL object in all of its ugliness. (I hate URL objects too but they are often a better snap in replacement for File objects.)

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