Get on your suit and tie, we’re going to JavaRanch!

What…? …Wow! For real…??? Nah-uh! Stop playin’…! Word?

I completly respect JavaRanch‘s attempts at building a friendly community as I love the site and all of it’s content. However, man, I’m floored by how far they’ve gone to ensure proper etiquitte and formalities are adhered to. I just posted a response to a reply I got on their forums and was subsequently prompted with an error message. They’ve implemented some sort of language scanning API that detects improper english. I don’t exactly remember what it said before I backed up and fixed my post but I think it was something like, “We here at JavaRanch… blah blah… formality blah, blah… improper English offends blah… international blah blah. Your word ‘thanx’ is improper english. Use thanks instead. We appreciate your efforts at adhering to our policy. Thanx, from the JavaRanch community.” (Ok, so they didn’t actually use my derivitave of thanks in the error text I’m just B.S.’ing.) I’ve posted there in the past and never saw such an error message so I’m thinking it’s something they added in the recent months that I’ve not been posting. Since I’ve registered there I notced various kind warnings to the community expecting a formal realistic first and last name be used. I always thought, “wow, that’s cool. At least I won’t have to worry about being spammed by flood messages from Seymore Butts or Ivanna Tinkle.” I ain’t got a problem with the formalities they set in place but that error message seemed just, I dunno, a little extreme? It’s even more funny because it didn’t complain about the first word in my response, “D’oh!” On a personal level I don’t really have any problems with the idea. I really can’t explain how I feel about the error message interrupting the flow of my posting. It’s weird. In one hand I’m like, “that’s crazy [cool] how they can pick up slang and suggest proper English” On the other hand I’m like, “dang, is this really necessary?” I still got love for ya’ JavaRanch! Holla at’cha man…

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