Agile is an adverb lightweight is a preposition

“He agilely wrote his code lightweight the container.”

Ok, I’m just having fun with a recent blog entry, but seriously. How many times have you heard these words used or taken out of context? It’s become common to hear about an agile best practice of deploying to a lightweight container. But do we really need to be agile when we follow best practices? Does following best practices result in agility? I follow the best practices of test driven development yet my recent attempts at a double backflip with a half twist shattered my living room glass table and left a knot on my elbow the size of Canada. How about these lightweight products? How important is it that your software weigh a certain amount? What is the deal?

At the risk of sounding like a cheap Seinfeld knock-off I’ll get to the doggone point. Labels hold no more menaing than that which we ascribe to them. What’s lightweight to you may be heavy as Hell to me. (I still don’t know why AWT is lightweight while the lightweight Swing codebase has many more klocs and much more complexity.) Honestly, it’s not even worth it to blog about tech terms and the meaning attached to them. So what am I doing here?

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