Linux hacks

Have you tried Ubuntu/Kubuntu yet? Are you mad over Mepis? Frenzied over Freespire? Ever since I switched to Linux as my main operating system at work I haven’t looked back. Picking up Linux, while much more newbie friendly these days, still isn’t a walk in the park. I often find things that break, after upgrades (Adept auto updates) and things that require command line intervention. I must say, that Ubuntu has made using Linux as painless as possible and a lot of my frustration goes away with each upgrade. (I’m still itching to try Edgy!) Still the command line remains a necessary tool in many of my foolings with software on Linux. I plan to start a series of articles dedicated to those little nuances, hidden gems, and tricks of the trade that you won’t find when you RTFM. Here I’ll document many problems that I find and fix daily on my own Linux install. It will be a thing for me to use as well since many times I’ve forgotten how to do “X” after installing a distro at home or why “y” doesn’t work in another kernel.

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