Groovy Tip of the day 2007-01-04

Here’s a little gem I whipped up to help me install the latest Groovy. Can you tell what it does?

groovy -e "new File('/home/ccc/apps/groovy-1.0-RC-01/lib').eachFile { if(! new File('/home/ccc/apps/groovy-1.0/lib').list().toList().contains( println it }"

When I first installed Groovy I started loading it’s lib folder down with extra stuff. Now that I think of it a better place for extra stuff is in $HOME/.groovy/lib. But I still don’t know which things were there originally (in my Groovy-1.0.-RC install) and which things I added. I needed to find which files in one folder didn’t exist in another. After reading Groovy In Action I’m starting to get more comfortable with groovy command line use. So the above ran right off of my command line and told me which Jars were left out. Slick!

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