Been Busy

I haven’t had the time to blog because I’ve been so busy catching up on my day job. I do have some big ideas that I’ll be posting sometime soon. My stats search counter tells me that most of you want to hear about “groovy each file”, “maven proxy” and “how to keep your skeleton it’s whitest”.

For groovy “each file” you can reference the GDK docs. Simply put, eachFile is a Groovy added method on File. It iterates over every file contained in the directory “File object” and passes it to the closure you give as an argument.

Maven proxy is a great tool but I’ve been working on getting Archiva to replace it. Archiva does everything Maven proxy does but with a pretty face and a bunch of extras.

Skeletal bleaching: This is a new concept for my site. I typically soak my skull bone in a mixture of 10% clorox, 20% soap, and 70% water prior to screwing it back into the rest of my frame which gets saturated in an isopropyl alcohol/peroxide mixture for twenty minutes. The net effect is a slighter whiter head bone which demonstrates my higher than average intellect.

On a side note my sister is supposed to start visiting my site so I’ll be cleaning it up a little, writing articles that don’t assume you already know about GDK’s and TDDs and BDDs. In general I’ll be trying to make things appeal to the general public. I don’t know if I can pull that off but it’ll be interesting. Show ya’ love down low…

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