What a dialog!

It’s the little things that count! I was working on one of my development projects just now using the latest EAP version of IntelliJ Idea code named Selena when something remarkable happened! (IntelliJ Idea is the tool I use to write my programming logic.) First something remarkably stoopid happened. I wanted to move a Java class to a new package (in normal people speak, “I was moving a Java program file to a different folder”) when I remembered that I hadn’t changed my active changelist. (Idea has this magical way of figuring out that you want to change all of you other programming logic that referrs to a moved file and check them all out of the versioning control system. It puts them all into whatever changelist you have set as your current one.) It was set to the default changelist when the mass refactoring went on. I tried to undo the mass changes with the universal Ctrl+Z sequence (For my non tech readers, Ctrl+Z works the same in most programs undoing the last thing you did.) but that left a ton of files still in the wrong changelist. At that point I felt I might as well redo my undo and hit Ctrl+Shift+Z. (Unfortunately the redo button is slightly different in many programs. Some use Ctrl+Y others use Ctrl+Shift+Z and some use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Delete+Y, Escape, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.) My redo was premature because the hard drive had not caught up with memory so I was stuck answering a bunch of deadbrained “keep file system changes or memory” dialogs one at a time. (Idea copies all of your work from your hard drive into memory and always asks this question when they get out of synch.) Long story short, I futzed with trying to fix the mess I made by incompletely checking out a bunch of stuff and an incomplete mass program change and decided to search for all of the references to the old location myself. (In my world nothing is done by myself, instead I asked the computer to find them for me one at a time.) The search recursively (that means opening folders tucked inside folders and folder inside the folders inside those folders. OK, you can stop reading now Sis.) went through my folders and asked me the kindest question I have ever been asked by a piece of software:

IntelliJ Idea: Would you like to honor me with your unlimited charm and go on a date?

Me [Blushing]: Why, I didn’t know you thought of me in that way. Furthermore I’ve never been asked that by a piece of software before! I’m flattered! Yes I will accompany you!

Actually that’s not quite the truth. Instead I got a dialog like the following:
Cool dialog from Idea
Most people don’t get all girly over a dialog but this dialog had class. I’ve been doing some thinking about my life lately. Maybe I should settle down and commit to the dialog. I know we just met and all but I feel this sudden connection, y’know? Am I being silly? It’s my life and if I want to I should be able to commit! I don’t care what G. W. Bush says about the Bible and the sanctity of whatever! This is who I am! Holla if you want to be my best man…

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