Something Groovy

I just heard about a movie clip on the Groovy mailing list. (As far as hearing goes I didn’t actually hear anything but when eyes can be ears then you can count what I experienced as hearing about it.) Then somebody said, “post it on all your blogs, yo”. I was all for it even though I haven’t even seen it yet because anything Groovy goes up here. Check it out yall. Do tell me if there’s any lewd actions going on so that I can remove it from my site so as not to offend anyone. (I doubt that is the case because I trust the groovy people.)

4 thoughts on “Something Groovy

  1. Hand waving? I like that idea!

    Wave ya’ hands in the air!
    Wave’em like you just don’t care!
    If ya’ paid cash money and not wellfare somebody say oh yeah!!!

    For real though, my non-tech readers (Auntie?) would probably be offended just by my continually telling them not to read my site. Meanwhile my tech readers might get offended because I haven’t included an equivalent Ruby, Python, DJango, PHP, etc. reference. Then my somewhat tech readers would get offended because I referr to them as somewhat tech. They’d say stuff like, “What, I’m not tech enough! I know how to use power point, so there! Don’t make me power point up a sarcastic slideshow for you!!!” In short, everything offends somebody.

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