Meebo silence

I’ve been popping on and off Meebo lately to see if anyone is bold enough to holla at’cha boy. Lemme tell you something. You all are a quiet bunch. I ocasionally send out random pings to passerbys and just wait for response. I’ve concluded that either my breath stinks through the IM window or I’m totall freaking some of you out. Some of you will sit on my site for hours. (I’m flattered. But really, the junk here isn’t all that interesting!) While others stop by only briefly enough to realize how drunk they are. On the real, I’m not the out-going type. I’m really th shy type and the Meebo thing is an experiment, or a way for me to become more of an extrovert. Anywho, I’m just putting it out there for you all to know that I’m not a serial killer or a stalker. I’m just a guy that interested enough in programming to spend his entire life doing and talking about it. If you feel the same then don’t feel the shame. Type in the Meebo box and spell your name.

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