From Meebo to You(bo)

Clearly I need to earn some more cool points before I start the whole Meebo thing. I’m just saying that I’ve made some appearances and most of you think think I’m too dumb to chat with. I did have a conversation just now with one person, meeboguest895737, who chatted me silly. It was hard for me to get a word in edge-wise. This person stayed on my site for 6 1/2 hours straight and the amazing thing was the entire conversation fit on three lines in my Meebo send window! Even though each of those lines began “cliff76:” I felt highly enlightened by our conversation. I’m not trying to stalk anybody so if you see and hear “Wassup?” text chime in the window just be cool. A simple “I’m chillin'” response is appropriate. It’s my friendly gesture of respect to you for reading my site. (If that’s what you’re really doing!) For now, I’m puttin’ on my jets, I mean, I’m ’bout to bounce, I mean, I’m leaving for the day… tah-tah!

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