Remember where you heard it first!

Yo!!! I just heard this phat rumor that I gotsta spread! According to my very reliable source, Jetbrains is gonna embed the Groovy engine into Idea Selena! It’s gon’ be bananas! You’ll be able to get the same refactoring support in Groovy that you get in Java. As a matter of fact, the whole Idea runtime is being rewritten in Groovy as we speak! The Jetbrains folks are like, “yo, we gots to get with ‘dis Groovy thing before it rolls into the Next Big Language!” Then they was all like, “We gonna hit the streetz hard with our next Idea release and offer native editor support for groovy DSLs and builder, the whole nine!” What I’m talkin’ ’bout is Groovy project types, re-plumbed “code, test, deploy” lifecycles to take advantage of interpreted benefits, and a neat “Groovy Inside” logo in the “About” dialog! The next Idea release ain’t nothin to laugh at, no doubt!
Idea-7.0 dialog

Note: The above is a complete extrapolation of some actual insight I was given by a person that I trust. Whether the Groovy engine will replace Idea’s default Java runtime is debateable as well as most of the half truths I listed above. Try not to take the stuff I post here too seriously, it’s just jokes!

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