Aight, yall playin games…

I’ve had the Meebo thing going for about a month now and as soon as I almost remotely decide I might wanna consider thinking about possibly almost getting rid of it then I get a flood of messages! All of them when I’m offline! I get comments like, “Ha, you’re a part timer!” to requests like, “could you please teach these jokers on the Groovy mailing list what a Groovy M2 plugin is supposed to look like?” I was also able to use it to talk to an old friend of mine who travelled far off to Kosovo. (Did I spell that right? No time for spell check on this post.) Shots out to the man who put his lives at risk to protect sorry saps like myself who only see locations like Kosovo as mispellings on a stoopid weblog. (By the way, “shots out” doesn’t imply that I’m firing shots at my buddy, rather it is a term of endearment used in urban communities acrossed America. In short, it’s like a “thanks a heap!” sorta thing.) Anyway, I’m spending too much time blabbing about Meebo and Deebo, and the like. I got a lot of other stuff that requires my direct attention. Holla…

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