You know me from where?

Seomthing weird happened first thing this morning. I ran into someone in our office who ran into me online. It happened as I was walking in. I said hi to my boss cracking an occasional joke (as I always do when I see him in the morning) and I noticed there was a lady in the lunch room preparing bagels. My boss introduced me and she mentioned something about browsing the web and seeing one of my responses to an XML question. I’ve posted a lot of stuff on various forums helping others where I can help myself so I’m not sure which web site or which question she was referring to. It was a strange feeling because when she saw me she looked like she reckognized my face. I don’t have too many pictures of me on the net outside of my book review on Javalobby and what’s on top of this blog. Our introduction was brief and it left an erie feeling in me partly because I’ve never had anybody reckognize me from anywhere before and partly because I never think anybody is ever interested in anything I have to say. The internet is a powerful tool for broadcasting yourself and I think it’s sinking in how much impact a little bit of typing and mouse clicking can make. If you habitually post things on the net (either on your own site, or on any given site) be careful what you let loose. I try to make a habit of exercising caution when I post here but I’m sure there are things I’ve said that may have been better kept quiet. Remember once it’s posted it’s out there forever. Spooky right? Hit me up…

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