Four score and several platforms ago…

Thus began the story of my latest commenter on “I Can’t Kopete with Windows“. This guy really knows how to blab but at the tail end of it all I felt enlightend. (I had to read several times before enlightenment entered my doorway.) It was a story about platforms, and AJAX, and rendering engines and the like. A story like no other before it, this story seeked to explain the mysteries behind such things as, “why can’t I veiw my bank statement with my Mac?” and shed light on questions like, “if it renders faster then why doesn’t everyone use it?” Told from the vantage point of a long time blogger, ex Java/Linux guy, and licensed poo tosser, the story explained the importance of remembering that although the innovations are there the world is not yet ready for them. Our guru, poo in hand, later highlights recent hardware as the original cruft we used to run Star Control on reencarnated in a side by side higher voltage form than yester-year.

Long story shortened, my issues with Kopeting with MSN are directly tied to lackluster support for an interesting and nimble web rendering engine. I never paid much attention to the KHTML side of Konqueror before but now I have my eyes opened even if the rest of the world has their eyes shut. It’ll be interesting if/when Gecko is ported to KDE but it will also be interesting if KHTML support were a bit broader. I’m not going to speak much more on the topic because I’ll just be making up stuff, so I’m out for now. Break me off sumn…

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