I think I may have injured somebody

Spam comes in so many flavors. There’s the supermarket canned variety, the “please log into your bank account from here” type, and then there’s the “I know you from the other week” eerie kind of spam. I get a kick out of reading some spam mail because spammers typically get right to the point. “Gimme money”, “try my product!”, “open this exe!” is usually prefixed with sometimes one but not more than two statements of introduction and familiarity. Today I get spammed by someone who claim they will contact me shortly regarding “injuries sustained in a road traffic accient.” It sounded pretty official because it originated from a law office like title and wasn’t bogged down with extra hyperlinks, URL litter on the return address, or sporadic references to certain types of “enhancements”. I got a little concerned because I recently had a traffic accident with a lady that I thought was resolved. Then I re-read the email and noticed the type-o. I laughed a little hard until I realized how concerned I got initially. That’s when I choked the laughter and said internally, “Hey, that ain’t funny! How’d they know I hit a person?” That’s mad spooky man!

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