To the Xtreme

XaraI must be running short on titles because I could’ve sworn “to the Xtreme” was used already. Anywayz, I gotta give it up to the Xara team! Have you seen Xara? Have you tried it? What in Springfield is holding you? I mocked up the logo to GSpec in about 15 minutes using Xara. The work was not spectacular though, just a stolen “G” from Merlyn’s original pic and a star underneath the word “spec,” which is beveled to look all specification-like. The point is, I, a person of absolutely no artistic background, was able to draw a picture that almost looks presentable in fifteen minutes. If you go to the Xara web site take a look at the Cat woman demo video. It shows the awesome power of the graphical editor. Xara save big huge complicated files in a tight little space and renders most drawing modfications and filters in realtime. It takes up very little memory, generates complicated college thesis, runs with the power off, and can pick up ESPN. You can’t find those kinds of features in a graphical editor nowadays! Don’t believe me???!!! Download it!!! Install it on your computer. It runs on Windows, Linux, and it’s supposed to work on Mac OSX too. I have a copy running on my Linux, a copy running on Windows and another running on my daughter’s Easybake oven. (She uses it to draw the food she want to bake.) This thing is the baddest graphics program since, since… well since Harold Melvin left the Blue Notes! Since RPG went LE!! Since Family Guy started airing on Sundays!!! Since MC. Hammer dissed Redman and Blacksheep!!!! You get the point???!!! Get the archive!!! You won’t be sorry. If Xara fits your idea of a perfect graphics application, show your love in the box below.

All comments become property of Cliff Conglomerates and are subject to scrutiny, rewording, and exaggeration. By filling out the box underneath you are hereby in agreement with the terms and conditions of “can’t see nothing but the source code”. Any slanderous remarks will be redirected towards the individual submitter and highlighted in bold print for public display. Donations are welcome as 10% of the proceeds will be given to the Make a Threat Foundation as they search for a solution to irony.

7 thoughts on “To the Xtreme

  1. Nice find, dude! I was looking for something like that, to make a logo for my own blog, and using the Gimp was getting to me. Now all I need is even the slightest hint of design ability (I am currently serving a lifetime GUI design ban …)

  2. Yeah, Xara hits the right spot for graphics. I should’a mentioned it earlier but I knida thought everyone was hip to the game. Oh, and yeah that sux with the Gentoo build thing. Don’t know much about Gentoo, only that everything installs from source. It seems there should be an app that operates on source archives to build one of those, what’s it called? Portages? Emerges? I’m really sounding dumb here so I’ll shutup.

  3. The word you are looking for, Cliff, is Portage, which is the system (a bunch of Python scripts) which manage all of your software. emerge is the command to run to use portage. Portage is immensely simple to use, not much more complicated than using apt-get on Debian. The only down side is it takes you 3 days to upgrade your system or install a new one from scratch. Most of those 3 days can be spent playing MotoGP 07 For Xbox, or GTA Vice City. Or perhaps even interacting with other human beings, but I try to leave that as a last resort …

    What I like about Gentoo is that it gives you that manly “I compiled my Linux from source” feeling, but without the awkward “so I ran make && make install, now how do I configure this thing” embarrassment. Gentoo is probably best described as “Linux From Scratch Lite”.

    Enough of my whining, now back to our host…

  4. And prior to our commercial break we were looking for the answer to the phrase, “Gentoo builds software installers with ___?”

    Yes, I knew it was either portage or emerge. What I was really looking for was the Gentoo equivalent of something like check-install. In otherwords, on my Debian/Ubuntu system if I only have sources I can “make; check-install” and get a nice sexy looking “.deb” file that my apt-get/synaptic apps can’t wait to sink their teeth into. I can then sit back and pretend to be that Gentoo burly man that says, “I built this thing from source, ha-ha-ha-haa! [as the axe slams into the block of wood]” Of course I’d just be pretending but the feeling is somewhat similar. I would think that it would be even more straight foward on a source-code based Linux distro like Gentoo. But I know so little so I’ll keep quiet.

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