Developer Idol


I thought your software was absolutely horrendous! The documentation read like a fourth grade oral report. I’ve seen better user interfaces on a can of spinach! There was no effort in any unit tests and at the end it was like a night in a karaoke bar. Paula, Randy, what do you think?

American EggheadContinuing yesterday’s discussion about that killer app that you want to create we take your talent to the streets and wait in line with other contestants to win a chance on the latest hit game sh… err.. developer contest. It’s called American Id… I mean My Dream App. It’s a place where you, the dreamer, get to showcase your talent to the world as you progress each round through a panel of celebrity Judges and ultimately prove you have what it takes to become the next American Egghead!

Have any of you heard about the “My Dream App” contest? Why didn’t nobody tell me? (yes I said “didn’t nobody”, yes I realize how annoyed some of you get when you see a double negative jump out in text. Look, you shouldn’t have not told me nothing no how then I wouldn’t have not been all scolding you and abusing the English language!) I guess it was inevitable that the Idol craze would eventually bleed into the programming world and inspire such a creation. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites! (Standard text messaging rates apply.) For what it’s worth, I’ll be entering in next season’s show as I create my armada of XSL warships each equipped with Michael Kay-guns, XStream-speed boosters, JDom-bombs, and fueled with XSDiesel. The beauty of it is that, win or lose, I will have the opportunity to turn my warships on the judges, the crowd, the other contestants and annihilate millions. So tune in and hold onto your seats because next season is going to be a killer! Hit me up y’all…

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