Groovin’ with Maven

Last night I made several desparate attempts to set my environment up for Groovy development on Mepis-6.0. This was after cooking dinner, feeding my two daughters, scrubbing the floors, cleaning the bathroom, and reading a page or two out of my JSF book. (Why the heck am I reading about JSF? You don’t even want to know!) I knew I would get nowhere but I had to try. It was about 10:30 at the time and I was up until about 11:45 working on it. I decided that to do an svn checkout of the latest from the Groovy Maven plugin stuff. That’s when I noticed that there was something screwy going on at the Codehaus Mojo site. I saw what looked like a new Groovy Maven plugin. It had docs and everything! I was all like, “Jeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!” (‘Jeah’ is ‘Yeah’ in west coast Japanese slang, kinda, sorta.)

Well I followed the docs on how to use it, copied the appropriate tags into my aged Maven groovy project pom and also added the codehaus mojo site as an alternate profile in my settings.xml. When I ran the build Maven started bugging. It said stuff like, “say man, I can’t find ya’ groovy-maven junk…” I replied with the usual, “What’chu mean fool? It’s right where I told you about it! On the Codehaus Mojo repo, ya’ doh-doh!” Then Maven hollered back like, “Listen cuz, I told you I can’t find your stuff! Stop asking me to build ya’ stoopid project!” That’s when I knew I had a problem. I looked on the repo myself (copying the URL from the repo I defined in settings.xml into Firefox and leaning on the enter key) then lo and behold! No Mojo! I felt like Austin Powers in his second movie. I looked around a little bit browsing other subfolders and eventually the sandbox. I did find an alpha build of what looked like the Groovy-Maven plugin but I couldn’t tell. My wife had entered the room at the time (she works late nights and had just got home) and needed to use the computer. Realizing how late it was and understanding that I needed to find the strength to come in to work the next day I gave up. If any of you out there no anything about the new Groovy Maven stuff gimme a shout. I’m swamped with all kinds of other stuff and I really have limited time to play with things. Until later, drop it like it’s hot even if you know it’s not…

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