Groovy, Maven, Idea and more

I’ve been fighting to make some progress on my GSpec project and I’m at a standstill. The big problem is that I migrated all of my work off of my windows partition onto my Mepis install. On top of that I’ve upgraded to the latest Idea Selena (7.0 EAPO build) and GroovyJ is no longer on the install list. I think I’m just making my life much harder than it has to be but I refuse to give up and use older or lesser capable tools. For example, right after writing the last two sentences I realized that my current efforts to checkout the latest build of GroovyJ with subversion, build, realize the project has no JDK set, set the JDK, realize that half of the dependencies are missing, add the only dependency I have time to add, remake, realize that I never downloaded the plugin developer toolkit, cuss, download the plugin developer toolkit, yeah all of those efforts, would all be simpler if I just copied the groovyJ install from my earlier Idea install sitting on my Windows partition. How about that for wasted effort? Well I have the source to it now and I think the plugin toolkit just finished downloading so maybe one day I’ll look at the source and see if I can help development along. (Like I’ll have any time for that!)

With GroovyJ now pleasantly installed I have also managed to get a working copy of the latest groovy-maven plugin from the Codehaus subversion repo using most of the same long winded steps above. My pom now builds, and sees all of my production and test resources. (Yaay!) I just ran both the M2 test goal and the individual failing test under Idea and everything is working. (Everything except for the failing test! But that’s cool because that’s where I left off anywayz.) As an aside I noticed that my JUnitGSpecSuiteBuilderTest wouldn’t get picked up when I right clicked the tests folder in Idea and selected “Run all tests”. I also noticed that running it directly doesn’t work. I get an error:

Caught: groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: This script or class could not be run. 
It should either: 
- have a main method, 
- be a class extending GroovyTestCase, 
- or implement the Runnable interface.

My class is a .groovy file that extends and is written Java classic style but has no test methods, only a static suite() method. I believe it’s an issue with Groovy and not Idea or the plugin. Anyway, life is good and I finally get to make progress as soon as I stop blabbing on my blog about all the work I should be doing. I apologize to those of my reads who have been loyal because my last flurry of articles has been anything but informative or funny. I assure you all that as soon as I get over some rough edges I’ll bring the edge back to my writing and begin filling my site with useful content once again. For now, I’m out like a scout on a new route without a doubt. Peace…

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