GSpec is available

GSpec logoMy long awaited submission to the Groovy prject is finally available. I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing on xircles but I think I have it submitted the right way. I’ve added preliminary JUnit integration along with an integration JUnit test to exercise the support. Basically what that means is I’ve added a JUnit test to test my JUnit test over my GSpec engine. (I can’t get much more clear/confusing than that!) The JUnit support is slightly broken, a minor bug that I can’t figure out. I’ll work more on it later. Basically it calls setUp and tearDown (in GSpec tearDown is called “inConclusion”) correctly but it misses the actual spec execution. The project is built with Maven2 for now though I’ll be adding an Ant build shortly. I checked everything in under the svn trunk of the groovy project as a module. The Subversion URL is here. I’ve also added my cool little GSpec logo. It’s late and I’m about to sign off. Many of you probably don’t even understand what the heck I’m talking about but I promise I will write up some formal documentation when I get a minute. I’ve also had some crazy ideas of what else I wanna add to it but I’ve been holding off until I get the JUnit stuff working completely end to end. Oh, shucks! I forgot! You’ll need the latest version of the Groovy-Maven2 plugin to build it. Head over to the Codehaus Mojo page to find it and figure out how to use it. I have my settings.xml pointed to the Codehaus Mojo site but I think I have the groupid mis-keyed. It’s late and I really need to call it quits. I’m just too excited at actually having something open source-ish finally out there on the net. It’s something that actually works a little too. It’s something that actually makes sense! I’m still leaps behind RSpec but that will change really soon now that I finally have my development environment setup! Hollaback y’all!

4 thoughts on “GSpec is available

  1. Hey, congratulations!

    I hope you can now develop at lightning speed and give the world something totally frickin’ amazing. Hope I get the chance to use it in some projects soon.

  2. Thanx T. I’m working on something that I’m going to use GSpec to develop. I have a tight time window for it so if I did my job right I’ll be able to excel. We’ll see what happens. I’ll be posting about it shortly.

  3. Im still a little confused how to run gspec as part of ‘grails test-app’ processing. Essentially how to hook it up to be called as a junit test case.
    Is there some doc some where?

  4. GSpec is still very alpha and not to be used in production. I do have some sketchy JUnit support but I haven’t documented it and it’s not nearly as neat as it could be. I started a new job right when I got in deep with the project and ever since I haven’t had a moment to touch it. All news isn’t bad, though. I just spoke to my boss about it yesterday and he seemed interested in the project. It’s far from where I want it to be but if I could put another week or so worth of work into it I may be able to start using it on my work here which would really open the flood-gates. For right now though, it’s principal only. A tool best left as a demo of Groovy’s DSL capabilities. Feel free to jump in and help fix it up.

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