BiLingual GSpec?

While demo’ing GSpec to my buddy this morning, he presented an interesting twist on the whole concept. It’s something that sounds wild but I might entertain it just as a demonstration of the whole DSL natural language programming idea. What if we could code gspecs in Spanish, German or some other foreign language? Right now it’s geared toward english as many programming projects are, but what if the predicate subject thing could be reveresed to cater to foreign languages? Could it be implemented from the same source base or would I need to start a new project for each use case? GSpecf-FR, GSpec-EN, GSpec-DE, etc… I dunno. Just a wild and crazy thought that made sense for the twon minutes we were talking. (You know how you get one of those brainstorms that sound so cool and practical until you get into the dirty details of the implementation?) I gotta get some real work done for now. I’ll get wit’cha later…

2 thoughts on “BiLingual GSpec?

  1. To be honest Cliff, I’ve worked in both Spanish and German speaking environments and the developers are very much accustomed to working with English APIs. It’s a nice idea, but I wouldn’t risk complicating things.

  2. Yeah, it’s just one of those crazy ideas that sounds nice right after the caffine rush of a cup of Columbian, but when it comes down to doing something you really don’t see the benefit versus the reward. Incidentally, there’s some new tutorials popping up on the Groovy site one of which demonstrates how to turn English method names on collection APIs into Spanish names. I think it uses either interceptors or a proxy meta class. It’s on the link that discusses both.

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