With respect for Kathy

Go Kathy!Kathy Seirra, one of the top three bloggers that I know of has been under attack. The short story is some people thought it would be comical, daring, or cool to slander the woman over the internet for whatever reason. The entire situation is foolish but you can’t easily stop something as powerful as the internet once it turns against you. I only have a small set of readers that frequent my pages, and I’m thankful for each one of you. I’m going to follow Scoble’s lead and refrain from posting or commenting at all during the following week in respect for Kathy. (I do realize that I may loose most of my loyal readers since I’m not as powerful or as cool as Joel or Rory but it’s something that I feel is necessary. It’s all good though because I got John Blaze stuff here, y’all just ain’t reckognizin’!!!) That’ll give me more time to actually work on GSpec as well as some other things. You can continue to post comments, hollaback, and drop it like it’s hot (unless of course it is really not all that hot and rather easy and comfortable to hold onto), I’ll respond to everyone and everything in a week. Support Kathy!If ya’ got a blog and ya’ wit’ me then take a moment of silence in support. If you don’t have a blog but yer’ still with me then join in the moment of silence by meditating on my man Cuba Gooding. (Show your further support for Kathy and Cuba by checking out one of his DLLs.) In parting I’d like to remind everyone that reads me, be careful of what you post on the net because once it’s out there, it’s impossible to take it back.

4 thoughts on “With respect for Kathy

  1. I think the better thing to do is to protest loudly. If we slink around in silence, people that do these things will just continue. Stand up and say it. Let those people know that such behavior will not be tolerated.

  2. Brave move, Cliff!!

    But do you really think that it’s going to help anything?

    This case is horrible and there’s only one thing we can do: do not tolerate this behaviour, like Inxwalt says. Delete abusive comments on your blog, reprehend abusive behaviour, and most of all:

    never, ever, laugh with them. We humans forget that all too often.

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