Glitch and Scratch

[*Update: Right after posting my frustration I went to microwave a hot pocket only to return and find Thunderbird had quietly updated itself. I guess it heard me talking junk about it in the following post…]
Wanna make your day more interesting? Needlessly upgrade your operating system like I did a few days ago. Then to really add color, grab the latest beta releases of popular software to do your work. Thunderbird 1.5.x is too last month. Grab Thunderbird-2.0 so you can really appreciate the latest feature set. KDE-3.5.3 is a little too stable for daily computing. Thrown Beryl 0.2.0 into the mix. Just upgraded to Firefox 2.0? You’re sooo behind the times! Install/upgrade to Firefox 2.0.3! That’s where I’m at right now and I can’t have enough fun. So far I’ve missed a couple of important emails (from toggling between OSes and between KMail and T-Bird), I’ve submitted one of my latest posts to Digg and thoroughly confused some would be visitors by somehow allowing my web browser mark the story I submitted as private. I’ve also managed to create a recurring problem of CSS files not applying to sites on the initial load forcing me to refresh several times, close and reopen a tab or even worse restart my browser just to view the page!

Mepis LogoTo be fair, my OS switch-a-roo wasn’t really needless as much as it was an accident that landed me back in Mepis after switching to Kubuntu over a year ago. Anyhow I’d like to apologize to any visitors that I lost due to my browser drama. That is, I’d like to but I’ve already lost those visitors so it’s kinda pointless to write an apology here viewable mostly by the handful of devoted people who somehow keep returning to read my crap. (You gluttons for punishment! I thank you.) I’d also like to apologize to the people whose email I’ve neglected to respond to. Once again I’d like to but this is the wrong medium for such an apology. Overall my switch to T-Bird 2.0 has dramatically improved my ability to manage my 54,983,478 email addresses adding only an occasional minor glitch. (…playing the new mail audio notification for apparently no reason, marking my local folder inbox with the new mail star when nothing has come in, allowing obvious spam to remain in my inbox, placing important email in the spam folder, and randomly prompting me throughout the day to authenticate against our HTTP proxy while promising to remember my authentication info. Other than that nothing serious has bothered me.) My upgrade of Firefox was an attempt to fight major problems in Beryl but now adds complications to even my default KDE desktop sans 3D goodness. I’ve managed to get the latest Mepis/Kubuntu repo edition of MySQL-5 to work again after foolishly relocating that mysql.sock file it desperately needs to do anything sensible, though I can’t get MySQL-Admin client to pull up the user administrator panel no matter what I do. (That was why I tried relocating the mysql.sock file in the first place.) It’s been an eventful couple of days. Workarounds for workarounds and bugs that glitch and scratch like Ill Al.

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