Code Snippets

This just in, (actually this was in a while ago and I’m just now finding out about it) the people at DZone bring us code snippets! Perfect for the developer who just can’t browse enough source code during the day. Point your RSS reader to the main feed or select a tag and narrow your snippets to sometimething more specific like Java. By the way, where’s the Groovy tag?

6 thoughts on “Code Snippets

  1. Wow! Great find! That’s going to be really useful, now I don’t have to go grepping through all of my code to find that one utility method…

    Thanks for that!

  2. Yeah, I’m working on a Groovy code snippet that’ll knock your socks off (you are wearing socks aren’t you?) when I’m finished. I love the idea, code snippets via RSS. Now I just gotta get a good RSS reader. I tried Firefox, I tried the plugin for Idea (too glitchy), I tried the Kontact Kaggregate or whatever thing and I also tried this Java blog reader thing recommended by Romain Guy. Nothing suits me.

  3. I’m currently using the Omea Reader from Jetbrains (who make Idea, as I’m sure you’re aware). It’s not bad, but loves to hog your memory, and as far as I know, it’s Windows only. On my Linux box at home I use the Sage plugin for Firefox, which I think I like best. Your mileage may vary.

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