Naming my programming language

I found a funny article about how a name can impact a product. You gotta read it and some of the comments. It got me thinking about two of the languages I claim to have created. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the name GSpec. It sounds a little cooler than RSpec because there’s a lot of cool things that start with “G”. G-Force, G-Money, G-Unit (a popular hip-hop group not to be confused with a successor to JUnit), when rappers say things like “I’m out, 5G” all give the feling of coolness. The other language that I worked on, EPL, (I wrote about it here) needs help. EPL (Elementary Programming Language) just doesn’t sound like anything. I hadn’t put much thought into it at the time but now I need a better name. Maybe something like E-BASIC. Kid Talk? (Sounds too much like small talk but maybe) Baby Java? (Completely misleading since it looks nothing like Java) My Code? Jump? I dunno. I want something kid friendly and appealing. Leave a suggestion if you will because I’m clueless. Also, I’m open to suggestions about GSpec too. GSpec is cool but doesn’t have to be. If I find something better I’ll use it but I’d like to settle on something soon since the name will go into the source base. Both projects are relatively young so it’s easy to change. Hit me up people…

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