iCal believe it!

So I finally got Thunderbird working at my new job, right? Then I installed the Lightning plugin for Thunderbird. And now we got this new corporate Outlook Exchange system where everyone schedules meetings though Outlook. (Are you following?) So now I’m the odd man out again. So then I start seeing these weird emails with icons in them that look like calculators. I start clicking the attachments to find out why my coworkers want me to add things up when I realize that these are iCal files. So then I’m like, “Hey I heard the Mozilla calendar supports iCal! Let me try that instead.” Off I go to Google for and download Mozilla Sunbird. Then I’m all set up with calendars in Sunbird and I figure out how to download the iCal attachments from the emails to my desktop and import them into Sunbird. (Stop giggling in the front row! You’re going to ruin the story for all the others who, like me, are new to Mozilla Calendar!!!) After a couple of days I master my download to desktop -> suck into Sunbird technique when I realize how silly I am! There should be a way to create a filter that automatically runs a script of some type that can automate the Sunbird import. (Can you tell how I miss Linux/KDE/Kontact?) Also I’m soo stoopid because I didn’t uninstall lightning leaving me with two calendar like programs. Let’s see now, I’m on windows so I should be using DDE instead of DCOP to send the program message. Does Sunbird support DDE? Does DDE have enough features for automation? Midway through my tinkering it finally dawns on me!
T-Bird Screenshot

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