My Mic Sounds Nice…

Check one!

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro
So I got this MacBook Pro thingy, right? And I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, right? And there’s a bunch of other new hires that all started around the same time I did right? But you see they didn’t get their MacBooks issued until just yesterday. (Are you following me or just nodding your head while you read?) Anywayz, the one (new hire) guy asks this girl (who started two weeks before I did but just got her Mac yesterday too) how to work the thing. Now the girl is all like, “you should see how Cliff got his Mac to talk. It tells the day, opens programs when you speak, tells jokes and all.” So she starts to help the guy get his set up while also working on hers. They fumble around and get to the speech commands setup screen and get sorta lost. So then I stop over to help. For some reason her Mac only wanted to respond to my voice, well at least initially. So then I’m feelin’ like I got that magic touch when I sit down and my Mac stops responding to my voice. Anyhow, long pointless story shortened, I named my Mac “Vicki”, set her voice to a Vicki sounding voice, and left her mic opened always. Now whenever I want something to happen on my Mac I ask Vicki. I say stuff like, “Vicki, open my browser.” (The comma is important because you have to give a slight pause before a command after calling her name.) Then Vicki responds with, “Opening Safari…” and the Safari Web browser opens up. There’s a whole heck of a lot more stuff Vicki can do that I haven’t figured out yet.

Yeah, I know. You’re thinking, “Cliff that story was whack, pointless and we all collectively feel dumber for having sat through it!” Look, I didn’t force you to visit my page. You could have easily navigated away many sentences ago. The only reason your still reading now is so that you can find your way to my comment section and leave a smart remark. This is my site, my life, and my Mac experiences. If you don’t like it you can hyperlink off! (Take the hyperlink to the Apple website and purchase one of those MacBooks. You’ll be glad I sent ya’ and you may end up writing a similar story on your site.)

I don’t really have much more to say other than every bubble blowing double baby or able bodied American should own at least one Mac at least at one time in his/her life. I wanna get back to filling this site with meaningful content like BDD with Java/JUnit and TrAX pipelining, and Liferay portlet development with Maven2 but the schedule is so tight. It’s so tight I was literally working between two computers yesterday trying to keep up. (I have a third computer but I’m not happy with the OS.) If you’ve ever walked into a busy newspaper office (like the Daily Bugle) with clerks scrambling shuffling papers while holding telephones to both ears then you would’ve walked into what my life has been like recently. Thunderbird Calendars, e-ail reminders, meetings on top of meetings, files, folders, appointments to see this one, get that thing fixed, pick up a new basketball for my daughter’s basketball camp, prepare for travel, pay this speeding ticket… too much!

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