Something’s BREWing

Wassup y’al! Long time no see! How ya’ livin’ out there? Myself? I’m doing the same… well that’s not entirely true. Lately I’ve been shifting gears once again. Here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening through the silence. I was all on that Portal/Portlet stuff, then I got aquainted with OS X, then I started into J2ME only to realize that OS X isn’t the best platform for MIDlet development. Now I’m working on some BREW code. For those of you who ain’t in the know, BREW is a platform for developing software for mobile phones. It requires C code though I’ve been told that you can use C++ with some wrappering and precautions. So now I’ve dusted off my C++ Prmer book Google’d up some references rolled my sleeves up and dove right in.

First Observations
To deploy a brew app one must:

  • Sign up for membership in the elite Brew developer alliance
  • Cough up over $2500 (and about 6oz. of blood) for membership fees, tools, certificates, and etc.
  • Relinquish your current handheld device to the staff at Qualcomm so they can perform certain wizadry to enable test application deployment
  • Give birth to an ostrich

Only then can you enjoy the bliss that every other BREW developer appreciates. I don’t mean to imply that it is difficult to get BREW development going. I just don’t see how someone as frugal as myself with little patience and less time would survive the initiation and hazing. Add to the above list that there are known documented issues with certain BREW enabled devices that would leave you embarrassed among the masses deploying an otherwise fully functional completly tested app. But that’s just the beginning.

Knowing a bro-ham like me I have to put some sort of unit test together before I write a single line of code so now I’m exploring the liks of Brew Unit and CPP unit, one of which I think has a glaring bug in the ASSERT_TRUE macro. I don’t normally write C code so theres a learning curve involved (though I have done some C/C++ in the past and I fully understand pointers so the curve isn’t as big as it would be for many Java developers). I wish I had more time to ramble but it’s late. I felt the ned to fill my recently post vacant blog with an update so that you didn’t think I feel off a cliff. I’ll be back with something a little more worthwhile reading, I promise!

2 thoughts on “Something’s BREWing

  1. A step back maybe but not for me. I once implemented a crude form of polymorphism and function overloading in RPG-ILE at a prior job. I know my way around structures and pointers and unions and all. I must say I’m a little rusty.

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