Pirates, babies, and fish

With such an off topic title you’re probably wondering what this has to do with agile development. You’re likely scratching your head thinking, “hmm… Cliff always seems to come up with colorful topics but somehow manages to relate them to a particular area of programming or computer technology. Let’s see where he’s going with this one…” I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. I’m right along side of you doing the same thing. (Only I’m not scratching my head because I use shampoo, the kind that reduces dandruff.) So what’s the deal with babies fish and pirates? What does one have to do with another? What do any of these things have to do with software development? (For those of you that don’t know, my site is dedicated exclusively to computer programming and I never post anything that doesn’t at least include a technical term like “megabyte”, “compiler”, or “meta-object-protocol”.) Here’s the tie-in. There’s this pirate who’s having a baby Rory's offspring(congratulations Mr. Pirate! I just found out today while catching up on the posts I’ve missed! Is it a boy, girl, or goblin?). Anyway the fish come along a little later while the pirate seeks to score bounty to support his future off-spring. This pirate happened to be an ex-coder who later saw fit to dedicate his life to piratey (is that the proper spelling for such a career? Spell-check is throwing a fit here.) abandoning all objects resembling a desktop computer and taking to the seas to catch fish. You gotta admire a guy like that. How many of your would be savvy enough to make a salary equal to or larger than your current pay in the middle of the Atlantic with a net and a steadfast crew of twelve? Think of the overhead associated. You got the boat, the cost of nets, H.R. and administration for the other twelve aboard, and somebody has got to scrub the bloody toilets. (Or is it called “warshing the head” in pirate tongue?) I couldn’t do it, not even if the crew worked for free. Not even if each fish were made of solid gold and the hull of my ship was heavily magnetized pulling each solid gold appetizer to the surface as we floated abroad. I just can’t see it, blind to the eye… That’s why I stay true to programming. My hat goes off to my pirate buddy (I hope it’s not too late to participate in the link game) but you won’t ever see me warshing the head in some tore down boat when there’s all this wild stuff going on in Java land like Groovy, JavaFX, OpenLaszlo, Liferay, and IntelliJ 7.0M2. Still, I envy my sea-faring friend. I wish I had the tenacity to brave the currents.

Hit me up if you wanna throw a fish to Rory. I’ll send you and information packet in the mail detailing the steps necessary including the preferred fish type and size, which direction to throw and the days on which the wind current would be in your favour.

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