What’s the big Idea?

So I’m working on this JUnit test right? And I’ve been all day yesterday with it right? Then my debugger problem was resolved by way of an enlightenmint right? (Yes I said enlightenmint not enlightenment! In case you’re wondering I have these “Enlightenmint” mint candies that I chew on when I get stuck.) And after my enlightenmint I had an enlightenment which resolved my debugger issue. So then I come in to work today thinking it would be a great day cuz I fixed my problem and also this morning I found my bluetooth ear piece which I had lost two days prior. (Are you paying attention or just nodding yes as you read along???) I’m washed, smellin’ and feelin’ like a $million and I start into debugging the unit test again and have ANOTHER tough debugger issue!!! This one has nothing to do with the JDK… well not exactly. Y’see since I’m doing JavaME stuff I got this custom build.xml. So now I get clever and tie my build.xml to a pre-test-run step using Idea’s “edit run configuration” dialog. (You can specify either an Ant target or a Maven goal to run before a run but why no generic cmd line option I’ll never know!) That turned out to be the source of my problem! I wouldn’t know it yet, not for another 347 rounds of launching the debugger, stepping into a method call that was just changed and having it jump to the wrong source location, indicating that somehow a cached version of my compiled class was being run by the JUnit runner but I’m too stubborn/stoopid/blind/gassy/tall/shy/absent-minded/involved-in-my-current-itunes-selection/dizzy/hungry/knock-kneed to pay attention or figure it out. 694 mentally bellowed swear words later (I’m cutting down on using my mouth to expell these terms because I’m trying to get right with God…) I make the ascertainment along with the necessary correction. So now I leave you with the big Idea for big Idea:

When using your own custom build for a JUnit pre-run step make sure your build contains a compile target for the unit tests and make sure the output from the Ant build matches your project output settings.

I’m getting too old for this…

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