Eye catcher? Original idea? I’m surprised it’s not done already or if it is it’s soo difficult to find. Why would anyone deploy something as heavyweight as the Springframework on a mobile device? Wait a minute? Spring is a lightweight container right? Well not exactly. When you consider mobile devices there’s light weight, then there’s low cal, then there’s skim. A 1+ megabyte jar can’t be deployed on a mobile device, for startes. Then Spring requires class-loaders and reflection. So where does that leave us? I’ll tell you where. It leaves us with the idea swimming around my skull. The idea is bright orange with white stripes, swimming in circles due to it’s right side baby fin.

Here’s the deal. The idea behind Springframework can work in JavaME barring we take a different approach. Remember, no reflection, no classloading. That leaves us with compile time assembly which is all you can hope for with JavaME anyhow. So why would we need Springframework in JavaME? Maybe I’m far off but I think you’d have to do something similar when practicing T.D.D. Interfaces need to be pluggedand collaborators shouldn’t know one another. If you have a better idea than what I’m thinking about, drop some knowledge in the comment cage down low.

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