And then they laugh at you

There’s nothing worse than doing a presentation then realizing your software is non-functional. I don’t know if being a software developer makes it worse or better because when you kinda know what’s wrong 1 1/2 minutes before the curtain call you tend to panic even more because you have a rough idea how many lines of code and how many code/test/debug cycles it would take to fix the problem. When you’re just a regular user you have a little extra confidence that the old reboot/restart trick may work. Hi, I’m Cliff and you’re here because you have nothing better to do with your computer than aim it randomly at various tech blogs and pretend that you’re abreast of technology. (Abreast! Ha… why would anyone want to be a breast?)

Anyhow, I’m writing not because I’ve been laughed at (recently) or unprepared for a power point (in the past two-three days) but because I’m afraid of being laughed at or unprepared. I’m writing because I’m silently working on material.. filler material for those embarrassing moments when you’re caught with your pants down. If you read some of the nonsense I’ve posted in the past you’ll see craziness like my paying homage to a Java exception, my fight with Verizon, and my hollering about why test coverage is so unimportant. You may also find a reference to hip-hop sprinkled in with JUnit teachings or something like that ever now and again. Generally I’m a nut ball. I post here because I only get about 100-120 hits a day 100 of which are web-bots and random Google searches. That leaves about 20 or fewer hits which originate from family or coworkers who want to know why I waste time talking about Groovy at the bars instead of indulging in more interesting topics like who won last night’s game. What I’m really saying is nobody cares about this dumb site because it’s whack. That’s why I post practically anything I want because I know nobody’s going to laugh at me. I can go in unprepared, act a fool, and leave all while saving face. Then I can learn from the stoopidity I leave littered around the net. I can learn which wise cracks are funny (none) and what I sound like in front of a crowd. I’m a shy person so my speaking in public is nothing like my speaking here. I ramble, repeat myself and never get to the point, while most of my writing is more focused on point with timely delivery. Today’s topic is no different. I can’t remember where I left off but I’m sure you’ve learned something by now.

People come from from across the country pointing their browsers in my direction while they stare holes through the hypertext emitted from their buzzing monitors. They come, read, and leave enlightened. That is, after all, my gift to you all… the gift of enlightenment… by the way has anyone tried the latest release of the Enlightenment desktop for Linux? I think I last tried e16 but I’m sure it’s more than mature by now. What are we on, V18? I forget… I’ve been soo far removed from my Linux hacking days. Have any of you been keeping an eye on (K)Ubuntu? What’s up with KDE plasma? Are all the kinks worked out of Compiz/Fusion yet? Wasn’t the biggest hassle related to proprietary video drivers running Xgl? If you don’t know what I’m talking about in the past few sentences then I suggest you start here and get with the program. Linux is more than an operating system, it’s a way of life for some of us. Ever since I got off of Windoze every other OS and desktop just felt soo much better, cleaner, more responsiv, more fun. Even some of the lightweight desktops on Linux outshine XP in the worst way. Well, it’s getting late and I’ve made my point… get a Mac and you’ll be happy. Don’t forget to try out Groovy and always end our statements with a closing . Show ya’ love people…

One thought on “And then they laugh at you

  1. I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 last week. It has lots of glitzy xgl effects plus a few practical additions. I imagine everyone will love the Ring Switcher animations as a replacement for the bog standard Alt Tab. Why isn’t that the default key binding for it though I wonder?

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