Mighty Macbooks and Intel Chips, Batman!

I’m still new to the blog thing. Every so often I get caught off guard. For eg., I posted an article to Digg and got close to 1000 hits. Today I babbled something about OS X on a site that nobody ever visits (this one) and got another surge. Could somebody tell me where to find the valve for the rushing page hits? I twisted and turned that little knobby thing under my toilet and only got a wet ceiling as a result. I received 100 hits from macsurfer.com and went to check the site. When I viewed source my site was nowhere in the HTML markup. Is there and invisible gnome that trolls the web leaving sporadic links to unbeknown blog-owners dumb writings? Can I invite him over when I really do have something important to say?

What I mean is I got caught off guard. You know that feeling you get when you answer the front door all groggy at 6:30 in the morning where one slipper and a barb-wire fence for a hairstyle a tattered robe and your Snoopy boxers only to be surprised by half the neighborhood crowded on your front lawn to ask about the drunken comment you made randomly at last night’s block party which started a chain reaction of controversy? That’s sorta what I feel like. I wasn’t trying to slam Mac in general but I also wasn’t highlighting any of it’s super cool features like I typically do.

Listen up y’all… (If the crowd is still sitting in my front door after I’ve changed my robe and returned properly clad with a combed wig) I love Mac (in general) and use my Mac (for almost everything) and wish most of you were here when I first got my Mac pro. More important I hope you stick around because I have tons of questions about Macbooks, OS X’s, and Java related stuff that maybe some of you zealots can help me through. Don’t just show up in the morning and walk away. Drop a line (like a few of you did) and lets rap for a minute.

4 thoughts on “Mighty Macbooks and Intel Chips, Batman!

  1. How does one go about getting listed on the front page of WordPress? I’m still clueless. I haven’t done anything different than I normally do. Same stoopid content, same pointless ramblings. The whole thing is bizarre.

  2. I want Ubuntu too! I’ve been itching to install it on my developer desktop since I started work here but I haven’t had the time. There’s this wierd filesystem they have installed with RedHat and I don’t think I’m allowed to delete it. So when I booted up gparted live disc I was disappointed to see that I couldn’t resize it. If I get a minute I’ll try to figure out which file system it is (it’s not ext based and its not ReiserFS or anything else) or maybe I’ll just delete the whole thing anyway and face the music later. Man I miss Linux. I’ve been hearing all kinds of nice stuff about CompizFusion. I’m an eye candy nut.

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