Where did these projects creep out from? I’ve been doing some mulling about Maven2 because I’m gearing up forsome servlet development on the job and somehow I ended up on the q4e site which pointed me to Candy. Candy appears to be an Eclipse developer front end to AppFuse which itself is a nice project. I’m not gonna speak much, but I am keeping my eye on these projects.

2 thoughts on “Candy

  1. To the point? Wow, I guess you’re right! How did I manage that? Maybe it’s because I was rushing and limited to a couple of sentences. It’s almost like the time when I was thirteen. You see I had this assignment and my teacher wanted me to turn it in by the end of the day. But then I was all like, “Oh no. I wanna play with my handheld game under the table while teach isn’t looking…” Speaking of handhelds, whatever happened to those classics from Tiger. And remember the Merlin game? Boy those were the days. What day is it today? The seventh? Wow I think I have an appointment this afternoon over lunch. Yesterday I got my haircut over lunch and now I have an appointment. You gotta see how bad it gets when I don’t get my haircut for a while. Like yesterday it was all bushed out and I let my beard grow in just so the barber could trim it up nice. I always grow my beard out because when I use my clippers to trim it I always hack off too much… Oh yeah hacking! That’s whatt I was talking about right? So now I’m hacking around with Maven and I browse the web and land on this project called Candy… (mmm… candy) Do you have a favorite candy? I’m personally addicted to Reese’s peanut butter cups…

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